A great agricultural event

The goal of horva is usually to highlight and position the north norwegian agricultural sector, in addition to the indirect and direct economic results it has that thousands of people go to hald location in connection with the fair. Horva is a base that has staff from the hald municipalities. The eye in https://horva.no is great during northern norwegian and trondelag, and the chosen board likes to lift up the farmers’ fair 2019 to accommodate additional people. Consequently , this year we certainly have chosen to engage the good to the centre of sandnessjoen. Here you will have free access and much enjoyable for the whole family members. There will end up being cultural factors, fairs and many more. Future-oriented companies modern machines will be in focus when ever innovative participants gather to showcase the actual latest and best they may have of machines and accessories. In this summer 2004, a great initiative was taken to solder the interest in arranging a great agricultural convention at ytre-helgeland in 2005. The idea was going to create a three-day large-scale persons festival with agriculture in focus. It absolutely was a success the 1st time, and now the agricultural foodstuff fair horva is contracted every 36 months, so that it runs when you will discover no various other national festivals, such as agroteknikk and agrisja.

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