There’s Only One Day Left For PUBG Gamers To Submit

It was a unique application period as players had to follow specific category guidelines when shooting a video. The name of the game is entertainment. Videos are not intended to show the player’s superior skill or strategy. It is intended to highlight funny and breathtaking moments that will engage the community.

The first category was “Aim to Win”, which ran from November 27 to 30. Players had to film themselves being madly or hilariously killed with a melee throw weapon. “I Meant to Do That” was the category for the second week, which ran from December 4 to 7, and featured players who made mistakes that were entertaining or lucky. There’s Only One Day Left For PUBG Gamers To Submit A Clip For The 2019 PUBG Awards. Get A Crazy Kill With The Win94!.

Week 3 was devoted to the carnage of vehicles as players made their way through their enemies during the “Just Got My License” event, which took place from December 11 to 14. The last event, which players still have time to film, is the “Scope Showdown”. PUBG players will use Win94 to kill an enemy in a triumphant way. The last day to send a clip is tomorrow, December 21, so start shooting!

Players were only able to submit a clip once a week, which means that if a player had participated since the start of the event, they could have sent a total of four videos. Each week, more than 50 winners have been chosen! Players still have a chance to be one of these winners as the Win94 challenge is still open.

The rewards are something exciting. The first winner each week receives a physical PUBG Awards 2019 trophy, a physical t-shirt and a t-shirt in play. There is a winner of five seconds and each one obtains the physical and in-game t-shirt. Finally, fifty winners from the third place are chosen and everyone receives the game t-shirt!

Star Conflict Has Announced A New Content

Star Gem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment announced the release of a major content update for their Star Conflict game. This new update focuses on the invasion of entire star systems by an evil alien armada from the game world. Players must come together and join forces because only their combined strength has a chance to end this threat. imminent.

Star Conflict is a massively multiplayer free online space action game. The game is built on PvE missions in an open world with a sprinkled PvP space battle. It was published in 2012 and since then has organized many successful events for its dedicated communities. In addition to this new main event, an update adds a new mode allowing you to run in space. There is also the “New Foundation” event celebrating the birthday of Isaac Asimov.

Players will now find new activities in Open Space, including illegal spaceship racing, pirate ship hunting and asteroid exploitation. Star Conflict Has Announced A New Content Update Called ‘A New Threat,’ Star Systems Are Being Invaded And Players Must Unite To Halt This Threat. The only thing keeping players from a ton of new entertainment is the aliens who attack and take control of several star systems. If they succeed, all resources will disappear and the whole existence of Star Conflict will cease to exist.

Pilots prepare your ships and weapons and prepare to complete special missions to repel this attack. If a frontal assault isn’t your thing, you can still take part in the experimental “Beetle in the Anthill” brawl where players can control an alien ship and fight alone against a horde of enemy ships. This fight is only available on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

The only place safe from extraterrestrial aggression is the Artuga system. This is where the special event “New Foundation” is held in honor of the 2,700th anniversary of the writer Isaac Asimov. Asimov is often considered the grandfather of modern science fiction and has been very influential in almost all of the space MMOs currently on the market.

Showdown’s PC Live Servers are Back Online

Hunt: Showdown has added to its list of legendary hunters with two new additions: The Researcher and The Rat. These legendary hunters are already available, having been put online with PC servers a few days ago.

The researcher is a learned man named Harold Black, a man with a scientific background (as you might expect). Black’s mixed formation was acquired across different horizons and allowed him to see connections where others saw only madness. Hunt: Showdown’s PC Live Servers are Back Online, Adding Two New Legendary Hunters: The Researcher and The Rat Rejected like crazy, Black brought his madness to the chase.

His counterpart is Tona Ramirez, aka The Rat. Described as “living on the wrong side of the law”, Ramirez buried his father in an unmarked grave on “the border” (presumably the southern border of the United States, given the geographic location south of Hunt) and took his name and background as an inheritance. . She tries to use what she has from her deceased father to find the fortune he never could, putting his pistol tracks in the foreground.

The two legendary hunters are available in DLC via the Steam store. While some legendary hunters can be acquired through in-game currency, Ramirez and Black both cost $ 4.99 in DLC.

Facepunch Studios Announces Yearly Review

Regarding Rust’s success, Facepunch talked about their staff transfer and how it affected the game.

“At the beginning of this year, we stopped making full-time prototypes and transferred most of these employees to the Rust team,” they announced in a section titled “Waste and Undervalued.” who were working on stuff for 2 years while waiting for me to throw it away. They did not feel part of the team because they functioned like satellite studios, they really only needed to communicate with each other. ”

Garry Newman, the author of this announcement and founder of Facepunch, has taken no punches in blatantly declaring his faults / Facepunch and how they intend to fix it. Facepunch Studios Announces Yearly Review, Showing Sales Numbers and Finances of Rust, Chippy, and Gary’s Mod It’s a wonderfully refreshing thing to see the developers take full responsibility and describe how they intend to improve.

Speaking about the things that have been thrown away, Newman says he intends to use the resources now that everyone is organized and worth it. Specifically, Newman says, “There are opportunities to exploit the content we have created and we intend to do so.”

From these “exploits” comes Chippy, a game that made him “out of the incubator just before the doors of the explosion shield closed”, as Newman says. As a newer game, Chippy hasn’t quite had the same sales and so on as Rust and GMod, having only sold just over 9,000 copies so far. Yet it stands out with very positive reviews and is great proof that the Facepunch team is dedicated to doing more than one thing at a time.

Facepunch has a whole new decade ahead of them. If they continue as they did, they will continue to create beloved games on which many people spend hundreds and hundreds of hours, as is the case with GMod and Rust.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Activision announced on Thursday that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which launched on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 last October, is already the most-played game in the franchise of the current console generation.

In a press release from Activision, the game publisher confirmed that the relaunch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is ahead of all previous titles in terms of total hours played, hours per player and average daily players. They also claimed that the game was the best-selling premium game of 2019, as it was worth more than a billion dollars worldwide.

Following the press release, Activision provided some figures to support its claim, revealing that 500 million multiplayer hours have been invested by the game’s player base. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Now The Most Played COD Game Of The Current Generation In terms of gameplay, this represents approximately 300 million multiplayer matches over.

Byron Beede, who is the general manager of Modern Warfare, said the following after Activision revealed that the game was the most played Call of Duty title of the current generation. The game’s success will likely continue to grow in the weeks and months to come, as Infinity Ward is constantly working on adding more content to the game. Rumor has it that they are even working on a 200 player Battle Royale mode, which will be added at Modern Warfare in January of next year.

In addition, there was an unconfirmed leak which showed the battle royale rumor mode map, which was a combination of multiplayer maps and special operations. The map is gigantic, which you would probably expect in a mode that is rumored to accommodate 200 players.

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